Success Story of a Ribbon Weaving Company

Over a period of more than 100 years, the company has grown into an expert in Jacquard weaving in the textile stronghold of Wuppertal through its continuous development. Read more about individual milestones and our capabilities.

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High-Quality & Customized

Ribbon Weaving with High Standards

Innovation is a top priority for us. Our primary goal is to meet customer requirements – and you can always rely on the highest quality! In addition to many standard products such as trouser protectors and shirt stays in stable designs, we produce many items with a stretch component. Almost every ribbon – with or without a logo or woven text – can also be offered in a stretched version. Thanks to our very extensive range of machinery, which starts with simple heddle looms and ends with state-of-the-art air-jet looms, we can individually address our customers’ ideas and offer tailor-made solutions.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our ribbon weaving services or if you desire personal consultation. We look forward to your call or your message via email!

Back to the roots

Your Specialist for Jacquard Weaving

For over 100 years, we have been manufacturing ribbons and special items for medical technology. Our core competency lies in the field of Jacquard weaving – where we possess enormous know-how. In addition to standard items like waistbands and trouser protectors, we produce technical ribbons and straps with and without woven text and logos.

Thanks to our extensive machinery, we are capable of transforming almost all customer wishes into woven ribbons. From simple heddle weaving machines to partial Jacquard machines and up to the most modern air-jet looms, we are very well-equipped.

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Historical Background

Wuppertal as a Textile Stronghold

Together with cities like Lyon and Manchester, Wuppertal is considered the cradle of the mechanical textile industry. The foundation for this was the monopoly granted to Wuppertal on April 29, 1527, for bleaching and dyeing yarns and fabrics, also known as the right to yarn nourishment. Around 1780, the secret of Turkish red dyeing reached Wuppertal. The production of so-called Barmer items – including haberdashery like braids, laces, and ribbons – brought prosperity to Wuppertal and helped the city achieve the status of a textile stronghold. Around 1900, about 70% of all Wuppertal residents worked in the textile industry.


Another contribution to Wuppertal’s rise was the founding of J.P. Bemberg AG in 1903. This company soon acquired the imperial patent for copper silk and, in 1911, the patent for viscose. The decline of the textile industry in Wuppertal ran parallel to growing globalization. Nevertheless, high-quality ribbons are still manufactured in Wuppertal today, with mass production giving way to innovation.

Picture: Wuppertal suspension railroad in front of the former ENKA glossy high-rise building.

Our Company History

Die Bandweberei Gebrüder Stuhr GmbH

Closely linked to the history of Wuppertal is the founding and development of our company. It all began in 1905 with the completion of the first weaving hall of the Stuhr ribbon factory. Company founder August Becker, the great-grandfather of today’s owner Andreas Stuhr, started his business in 1910.


In addition to two world wars that the company had to survive, the 1980s were of great significance for the company’s history. On January 5, 1982, the ribbon factory Gebr. Stuhr GmbH was registered in the Wuppertal commercial register. The company was named after the brothers Wolfgang and Eberhard Stuhr, who energetically contributed to the company and developed it into one of the largest Jacquard manufacturers in Europe over the coming years, thus significantly shaping the company’s DNA.

Since April 5, 2009, the fourth generation has been steering the fortunes of the traditional company. The consistent focus of the great-grandson on the company’s DNA – ribbon weaving and Jacquard – secures its position as a market leader in Europe.

Further milestones in our company history and the most important events regarding the rise and fall of the textile stronghold Wuppertal can be found in our timeline.

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