Weben 3

Manufacturing Processes

As a traditional company with over 100 years of experience, our focus is on Jacquard weaving. We are specialists in this craft and have a state-of-the-art machine park for the following manufacturing techniques:


Jacquard Weaving

Using a Jacquard loom, complex patterns are woven into fabrics. Punch cards or computers ensure that individual threads are raised or lowered.


We can make almost all woven tapes stretchable with our stretching process. This provides more comfort, which is an advantage, for example, in the clothing industry.


To achieve the right tape properties and optimize the products for their application, we emboss textile tapes with heat and pressure.

Thermoplastic Processing

Through thermoforming, we can deform and solidify our products. This process is used, among other things, in technical textiles.


We can customize tapes we manufacture upon request. For this, we print them with a logo, a lettering, or a slogan.


For textiles to have a water-repellent effect, they need a coating as a finish. We offer this hydrophobic equipment.

Conventional Weaving

In contrast to Jacquard weaving, the shaft loom can only produce simple patterns by lifting and lowering threads.