Weben 3


In our ribbon weaving mill, we specialize in demanding developments and custom-made products, in addition to many standard products such as grosgrain and twill ribbons, piping, and trouser protectors.



Our piping is used for attaching to seams and edges of pockets, collars, and sleeves, or as a lining separator in jackets.


Whether it’s for roller blind straps, safety belts, or carrying straps for backpacks – our webbing is robustly made and suitable for securing.

Binding Tape

To protect the textile fabric, a binding tape – also known as edge binding tape – can be placed around the edge and sewn on.


Our sturdy and stretched tapes are often used in waistbands – preferably in combination with a shirt stay.

Elastic Band

An elastic band can be sewn into trousers, cuffs, or other clothing with an elastic waistband when stretchability is required.

Tubular Fabric

In addition to many standard products, we also offer technical textiles such as tubes with and without woven-in writing and logos.


A grip tape can be attached to mattresses, for example, to facilitate turning. It is particularly sturdily woven.


A focus of our weaving mill is on textile wristbands, which are very durable. These are used, among other things, as watch straps.


Since 2008, we have expanded our range to include labels in various cutting or needle qualities.

Decorative Ribbon

Our decorative ribbon made of firm fabric is used for table decorations, as gift ribbon, or for incorporation into wreaths and bouquets.

Traditional Costume Ribbon

For the production of our ribbons for decorating traditional costumes, we mostly use cotton, acrylic, and viscose yarns.

Twill Tape

The seam tape with diagonal grooves on the surface is particularly strong and serves as loop tape or as stabilization for seams.

Grosgrain Ribbon

The ribbons with a longitudinally or transversely ribbed surface structure are used as hem finishes, attachment loops, and handles.

Satin Ribbon

Characteristic of this product is its uniform, smooth, and shiny surface. Satin ribbons are used as elegant decorations.