Weben 3

Application Areas

The fields where our tapes are used are as diverse as the materials we use. We are always up-to-date with the latest technology, allowing us to offer the most modern specialty items.



About 50% of our products are for the clothing industry. Technical apparel is also an important area, for which we supply numerous tapes.


Tapes in denim look are made of durable cotton fabric in twill weave. This fabric is used to make jeans clothing.


We have 30 years of experience in manufacturing elastic and stable tapes for waistbands of men’s blazers, suits, trousers, and coats.


For use in classic women’s outerwear, we manufacture tapes with real selvages or hot-cut edges, optionally stable or stretched.

Personal Protective Equipment

We refine textiles through finishing and thus offer antibacterial, flame-retardant, and hydrophobic equipment, as well as equipment with an anti-dirt effect.

Home Textiles

Whether for pillows, blankets, or mattresses: Our binding tapes, twill tapes, or decorative tapes have many uses in the field of home textiles.


For the technical sector, we manufacture flame-retardant labels and tapes with jacquard weaving in stable or stretched, as well as special items for medical technology.


We supply accessories for the automotive industry, not only in the form of seat belts. Tension straps are also used in many vehicles.

Sports Goods

Functional textiles for the sports and outdoor sector require tapes with specific properties. We meet these requirements.


Watch straps are among our most important products. With them, we provide robust, yet simultaneously fashionable, jewelry pieces for the wrist.